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I.C 2.C 3.C 4.A. 5.B   6.C   7.C   8.C   9.A   10.A   11.B   12.A   13.C 14.D    15.D   16.A   17.D   18.C   19.B   20.B   21.B   22.A   23.B    24.A    25.D    26.A     27.D    28.D    29.C    30.B   31.A   32.D   33.D    34.B     35.C    36.C     37.D   38.A   39.A   40.A

  41-45. C   B   D   D   A          46-50.   D   A   B   B   A

51-55 D   B   B   C   A            56-60.   D   A   C   B   B

61-65. D   B   C   A   C          66-70.   C   A   A   B   D

71-75   A   D   D   C   C           76-80.   A   C   B   D   C


1.Established → been established

2.informations → information

3.receive → receiving

4.in that → that

5.separate → separately

6.much → more

7.Established → been established

8.informations → information

9.receiving → receive

10.as well as→ and

11.was arrived →arrived

12.the receipt →receipt

13.Whether → if

14.on → under

15.the receipt → receipt

16.to request → requesting

17.allow → are allowed

18.reach → reaching

19.appreciate → be appreciated

20.will you → you will

21.the receipt → receipt

22.an education →education

23.more harder →harder

24.for → to

25.having been recommended → having recommended

26.are enclosed → enclose

27.appreciation → appreciations

28.prospect → prospective

29.Having accepted → Accepting

30.in return → in rum

31.farther → further

32.not → no

33.specialize → specializing

34.are enclosed → enclose

35.not only are → are not only

36.prospect → prospective

37.superior than→ superior to

38.increasing →increasingly

39.Despite → Although/ there are (删掉)

40.well know→ well-known


1.Please inform US of your telex number SO that we will be able to reply to your query at once.

2.We have shipped 100 minicomputers you badly need per SS“MORNING STAR.”

3.We offer these goods subject to their being unsold on receipt of your order.

4.We hope the samples will reach you in good time and look forward to your order.

5.We should like to place considerable large orders with you if the prices you quote are very competitive.

6.The time of shipment is within one year after our receipt of your first payment.

7.We have received a directive to hold all shipments although I do not know why.

8.It is my purpose of the visit to find out the possible measures to be taken to improve business.

9.Any such claim must be accompanied by a chemical analysis report for our consideration.

10.Please let US know if you do not receive our shipment after the goods are dispatched.

11.A secretary who joined our staff only two months ago received this month’s merit reward.

12.Before you make a decision,consider carefully our strained financial condition.

13.The Marketing Manager of a travel agency specializing in holidays would be pleased to hear of a reduction in airfares.

14.I wonder if the negotiating parties can reach an agreement on quotas as scheduled.

15.We will not consider placing an order unless you can give US a price reduction of 10%.

16.The sales representative is eager to find out how well the promotion team is performing.

17.The warranty that you refer to in your recent letter covers only merchandise brought to our shop for repair.

18.In the coming fiscal year,provided en。ugh funds are available,we hope to expand our employee recreation program.

19.No additional payments may be made from the revolving fund if I understand the stipulations correctly.

20.The clerk who receives the orders also sets the prices and makes the initial calculations.

21. The company had been using typewriters until they installed computers.

22. We will be celebrating our fiftieth anniversary later this year.

23. Writing a report often requires several hours of hard work.

24. The government is spending more money because many people are paying / more taxes.

25. Jean had changed her mind about accepting the job before I spoke to her.

26 Insurance is to be covered by the seller for 140% of the invoice value against All Risks.

27. It has been made clear that we can not make any further concession in price.

28. If an important detail is omitted, misunderstanding may occur in the communication.

29. It is important both to maintain products of high quality and to boost marketing promotions

30. Any person who is injured by a product may recover damages from its manufacturer.

31.The Marketing Manager of a travel agency specializing in holidays would be pleased to hear of a reduction in airfares.

32.We will not consider placing an order unless you can give us a price reduction of 10%.

33.The computers coming from the Far East are not inferior to those manufactured in Europe.

34.Please inform us of your telex number so that we will be able to reply to your query at once

35.It is my purpose of the visit to find out about the possible measures to be taken to improve business.

36.The days when the employees having no rights at all were regarded as mere numbers have passed.

37.In today’s workplace we generally expect all employees to have good computer skills.

38.The sales representatives are eager to find out how well the promotion team is performing.

29.The Honorary Treasurer will present his report for the first half of the year.

40.Please confirm your attendance and give details of transport arrangements.

















16.didn’t you?

17.one page?

18.father → father.

19.dependable,    -


21.essential, → essential;   

22.Mr. Lucas is? → Mr. Lacey is.  

23.July 8, → July 8

24.five day → five-day     

25.therefore → therefore,

26.shirts. → shirts?

27.womens’ → women’s     

28.required, → prices.

29.C.C.N. → CNN   

30.draft;→ draft.   

31.three year’s →three years’/ two-year

32.100 word →100-word  

33.Someones →Someone’s

34.Frank Stanley, III →   Frank Stanley III   

35.M.B.A →MBA

36.recommendation, →recommendation

37.Mr. White! → Mr. White?   

38.July 5. →July 5,

39.three day →three-day   



1.To:Percy Hamburg.Marketing Manager

  From:Terence Landry,Personnel Director

  Subject:information about Keith Lawrence’s income

  Date:25 March,2009

  Re.your memorandum requesting information on Keith Lawrence’s income.As I told you before.Such information is confidential and cannot be disclosed.So I can not meet your request.Hope you will be understanding.



    Subject:travel arrangement

    Date:June 14,2009

    I am travelling to London to attend a business conference next week and may stay there for 5 days.Could you book me a return ticket to London,departing next Monday,and book me a single room in the Grand Hotel.While I am away,please handle all my correspondence.



To: Eric Lee, a clerk

From: Joyce Wood, President

Date: (Today’s date)

Subject: A Tribute to Your Good Work


We’ve just received a letter praising your good work from G.E. Company. Its Sales Manager Mr. Smith said you are efficient and friendly and that he enjoys doing business with you.

I know you’ve been working hard to make a positive impression on all our customers. It’s especially clear working with G.E. Company!

We are proud of your accomplishment and I would like to take you out to lunch next week.

Congratulations again! Keep up the good work.


To: Charlie Wang

From : (your name)

Subject: Order No.388

Date: 20 April,2018   

I received a letter from a customer in Britain who complained about the late delivery of their Order No.388 for 100 sets of Model DX fax machines. The delay is due to the negligence of our dispatch department. Could you go to the dispatch department and tell them to send the order before the end of this month?



To whom it may concern,

We have learned on the internet that you are in the market for silk garments.

Here we are introducing ourselves as one of China’s leading exporters of the same line of business. And we would like to establish business relations with you on the basis of equality and mutual benefit.

Our silk garments are made of super pure silk materials and in the traditional skills. They are magnificent and have been popular among the customers, and therefore, have long enjoyed great fame both at home and abroad. We enclose a catalogue and a price list for your reference and are convinced that some of these items will be of much interest to you, and we would appreciate it very much if you could email us your inquiries.

We are looking forward to your favorable reply.  

Sincerely Yours

Eric Zhang,

Sales Manager of the Rainbow Silk Garment Co., Ltd.

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